Orlando Agbami – work placement

19.07.2010 – 23.07.2010
My experience with ACE dance and music

I’ve got to admit when I was on the train I was too exited for going so far away from home, but when I got there every one was so nice, they made me feel like I was at home. It was the best experience ever. I got to work on the desk with Charlotte for few days, I had some experience of working in the office – I got to ring people from colleges around Birmingham to ask them if they would like to have a workshop with ACE dance and music and if they would agree to having ACE dance and music’s posters in their colleges. It was very nerve racking but I got past that. I also made some research on ACE dance and music; I have discovered their work with the technician. I got to go and watch the ACE youth company. They were amazing and some of them were as young as 12. I got to go to work with children younger than 9 and it was great to see how they work with them. Thank you very much ACE dance and music.

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