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Thanks for the lovely feedback about our funding

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“Congratulations to ACE dance and music, for successfully securing funding from the Arts Council England (March 2011), to continue their inspiring work with children and families in Birmingham and beyond . Well done and many thanks for being the heart of an inclusive, professional organization which cherishes it’s roots.”

ACE dance and music have received a 3% uplift in Arts Council funding

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ACE dance and music are celebrating… because in these financially competitive times our application to the National Portfolio Funding programme was successful.

ACE’s directors Gail and Ian Parmel have said that “finally they can breathe out” – it has been a nerve-wracking few weeks awaiting the verdict on funding, particularly because we knew that Arts Council England had significantly less money to share out amongst more organizations. We also knew that there would be some complete funding cuts.

We feel so positive about making plans for the next three years, and it is safe to say that we have some very exciting ones in the pipeline. We are also extremely grateful that the Arts Council have acknowledged our work.  From the touring professional company, our youth company ACE Youth and the extensive community work that we do with young people in Birmingham, our regular dance classes and national education programme.

Gail and Ian have also spoken about how great confirmation of funding will be for ACE’s staff and how this will enable us to move forward together collectively as an organisation.  The only way is up.

ACE dance and music Directors Gail and Ian Parmel

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Thank you to all dancers for their applications

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We have an audition coming up for our new touring production ICE on 10th April and have been absolutely astounded with the amount of applications and CV’s that have been piling into the office.

We have had over 300 applications to fill six positions.  Over the next few days these 300 people have to be whittled down to around sixty who we will invite to audition, a hard job!

We want to thank everyone for their interest in working with ACE dance and music.  Those dancers who haven’t been succesful will be emailed shortly, so bear with us, we will get back to you, but this process may take up to a week.

Although we know that we are offering an exciting opportunity and don’t doubt our draw, we are also painfully aware of the  sharp upturn from our more managable 174 applications last year.  So if you are a dancer looking for work we do feel for you,  our Artistic Director Gail is reading every single application thoroughly, and we don’t take this lightly.  There are just not enough performance opportunities out there for trained dancers.

Pics from R&D with Akiko Kitamura Feb 2011

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Sharing Spaces

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Last Thursday 3rd March – ACE hosted a community performance at The Link Dance Space as part of a recent project delivered in partnership with Nechells +Education Action Zone and The POD.

ACE were funded to generate further interest in dance as a result of a succesful dance project with Nechells Cluster Schools.  We drummed up interest through lecture demonstrations in school assemblies and offering free intergenerational dance sessions during February half-term. There was an excellent turn-out and participants produced some great work which was a showcased at this evening of celebration.

The end result was a night of amazing performance and artistic talent with young people from ages 6 – 14 singing, MC’ing, performing dance-offs and joint performances with ACE youth. Over fifty friends and family members piling in to the studio, sharing food, warming up with the performers and having a brilliant time in the process. Gail’s advice to parents was “if you see talent, support it, take them to classes, push them and just look what can happen!”

ACE’s Co-Director Gail Parmel has gained recognition again for her International vision and passion for talent close to home

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Gail Parmel was voted as one of 20 Inspirational Women from African Diaspora in Europe. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe (ADIPWE), has asked members of the public to nominate women of African origin in Europe who they find inspirational. This list reflects the diversity of Diaspora women and show how well they have infiltrated all sectors of industry: they are engineers, scientists, inventors, bankers, doctors, artists, media personalities, writers, speakers, bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs.

These 20 women are inspiring people in their home countries and in their continent of origin, as mentioned in their profiles. They have physically left the continent but remain emotionally attached. They are conscious of their responsibility towards the development of Africa and are committed to transform the ‘brain drain’ into a ‘brain gain’. The aim of this first ADIPWE list will increase the visibility of African Diaspora women in Europe and encourage other women to come forward, to inspire and be role models to the next generation.

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