Sharing Spaces

Last Thursday 3rd March – ACE hosted a community performance at The Link Dance Space as part of a recent project delivered in partnership with Nechells +Education Action Zone and The POD.

ACE were funded to generate further interest in dance as a result of a succesful dance project with Nechells Cluster Schools.  We drummed up interest through lecture demonstrations in school assemblies and offering free intergenerational dance sessions during February half-term. There was an excellent turn-out and participants produced some great work which was a showcased at this evening of celebration.

The end result was a night of amazing performance and artistic talent with young people from ages 6 – 14 singing, MC’ing, performing dance-offs and joint performances with ACE youth. Over fifty friends and family members piling in to the studio, sharing food, warming up with the performers and having a brilliant time in the process. Gail’s advice to parents was “if you see talent, support it, take them to classes, push them and just look what can happen!”

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