ACE dance and music have received a 3% uplift in Arts Council funding

ACE dance and music are celebrating… because in these financially competitive times our application to the National Portfolio Funding programme was successful.

ACE’s directors Gail and Ian Parmel have said that “finally they can breathe out” – it has been a nerve-wracking few weeks awaiting the verdict on funding, particularly because we knew that Arts Council England had significantly less money to share out amongst more organizations. We also knew that there would be some complete funding cuts.

We feel so positive about making plans for the next three years, and it is safe to say that we have some very exciting ones in the pipeline. We are also extremely grateful that the Arts Council have acknowledged our work.  From the touring professional company, our youth company ACE Youth and the extensive community work that we do with young people in Birmingham, our regular dance classes and national education programme.

Gail and Ian have also spoken about how great confirmation of funding will be for ACE’s staff and how this will enable us to move forward together collectively as an organisation.  The only way is up.

One Response to “ACE dance and music have received a 3% uplift in Arts Council funding”

  1. Congratulations guys, really great news. x

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