ACE dancer Sade on energy and training!

Hello, my name is Sade Alleyne. I have been a professional dancer for 3 years. I have been involved with ACE dance and music for a while and I have learnt so much on the way.
When I first began working with ACE I had no idea where I would be today as a dancer and performer. I have met and worked with some amazing artists, including Akiko Kitamura who is choreographing our latest production, ‘ICE’.

This is my 3rd production with ACE. Having done Akiko’s work in the production ‘SKIN’ and being the only person out of the new team who has danced professionally with ACE in the past, you would think I would find this period easier. BUT YOU WOULD BE VERY WRONG! It will always be a challenge. It is like learning Ballet all over again. Akiko has made her own craft. It will take time to master her unique style, but we are all growing each day and are starting to understand the quality she is looking for. I know I am a strong and powerful dancer, what I need to do now is to find the breath in movement and divide the energy.

Breath in movement?

What I mean by this is how we can use the inhalation and exhalation to lead our actions and create the quality and size.

Divide the energy?

Do we need to use 100% of energy/ power all the time? It is about finding the moments to truly release and let go. A jump will always look higher and more striking if the preparation and landing is soother and calm. Less energy.
The Group gets on really well. We got to know each other pretty well during an after hour photo shoot. Did I mention we were naked! We are working with an amazing visual artist Akihiko Kaneko who is creating our visuals in the show. He will play with our images and distort them in many different ways.


Weeks before we began rehearsals I had to physically and mentally prepare myself for the extreme company classes that were coming our way. A standard ACE week at the moment consists of:

• Ballet class (torture) – Floor Barr to the extreme
• Class with the choreographer Akiko- a mix of Martial Arts and Contemporary
• Yoga (heaven)
• Circuit (pain)

ACE dance and music is a really challenging company but that’s great for me because I really enjoy pushing myself and I’m sure it will pay off on stage.

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