Here’s introducing ACE apprentice Lela and her thoughts on the ICE tech week

Hi everyone!!!

I’m Eleonora Pennacchini, or simply Lela, and I am one of the two apprentices from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance who have had the amazing opportunity to join ACE on their new and adventurous ICE experience.

It is the 25th of September…only 5 days to go before the première…and excitement and expectations are filling the air.

Last week has been production week, probably the most busy week we’ve ever had up to now…but truly
the most fascinating, colourful and for sure the most peculiar one!!!!!!!!!!

We spent most of our time at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth College, with lighting designer Heidi Riley and her incredible team of technicians, observing amazed how the piece little by little started to reveal
it’s true appearance before our eyes.

We’ve been joined by composer Hiroaki Yokoyama which has been delighting our breaks with his wonderful piano music and by set designer Claire Whitcomb which has been working daily at the anatomical installations you’ll be seeing on stage.

The days have been long and tiring but as our intake of sugar and caffeine starts reaching the
stars, the company is starting to truly bond. High pitch singing competitions have been taking place during lunch breaks, to reveal that Letty is the future Mariah Carey and Sade is the yet to be discovered new Whitney Houston…(both of which are informations I “HAVEN’T BEEN THREATENED” to volunteer…) .

We’re working to give you the best show ever…come and support us on the 1st of October in Leeds, book tickets here…


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