ACE dancer Laura on the AMAZING Shenley Academy curtain raiser at The Arena Wolverhampton

After the première on the 1 of October at Northern school of contemporary dance, I can’t wait to now share more performances with different audiences and have more time in the studio to work in detail to perfect/ improve/ in-body the whole piece! As a dancer its so important to keep researching and to keep looking for new things in a piece/in ourselves, let’s say the search never finished “Its about the Journey, not the destination”.

We are just about to watch the première on DVD, that’s where the critical eye comes in. Hip HOI here we go the tickles of excitement are kicking in my tummy, as I love to rehearse, to then give my best on stage in Wolverhampton, The next destination, where there is also a Curtain Raiser.

It was great to share my knowledge with the students of Shenley Academy. As they where an absolutely talented and energetic group to work with.

As a professional you never stop learning, but it feels great to share what I have learnt with young passionate people. I hope I inspired them as much as they inspired me by the risks they took physically and as well by they enthusiasm and hard work.

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