ICE is on the road and the feedback has not been cold that’s for sure!

After a brilliant night at Deda we are now continuing our tour of ICE across the UK.  I COULD tell you about how great the show is but I think I will let our audiences do that job for me…

“Beautiful contact work.”

“The combination and overall effect of the dancers movements with the lighting and music was very powerful. A sensory experience that cannot be expressed in words and does not need to be. At times disturbing – offering a frightening glimpse in to the future of mankind. You do not have to ‘know’ about contemporary dance to become absorbed in the performance.”

“Can be enjoyed and understood by dancers and non-dancers alike.”

“An extra-ordinary dance piece, lively and interesting.”

“Thought provoking, artistic, energetic and enigmatic contemporary performance.”

“Electric and thought provoking, the music, dance and visuals worked well together.”

“Exciting contemporary dance, the lighting and atmosphere was excellent and added interest to the piece.”

“Unique, beautiful, inspiring and extremely thought provoking.”

“Powerful and compelling.”

“Dynamic, full and alive.”

“Brilliant, holds the audience without words, creates an electric atmosphere, would love to watch more of ACE’s work. I would describe the show as a very ‘big’ dance piece, it doesn’t do ANYthing by halves.”

“Fantastic! Amazing movement and exploration of ideas about ‘being’ – through movement, I don’t know how you did that – but you did!”

“Mind blowing – loved the style and energy, use of music and graphic animation. I loved the bit where the dancers were chucking themselves on the floor and the fast disturbing strobe sequences. Felt a lot of combined emotions of humanity, hate and love. Moving”

Tour dates and ticket booking can be found here

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