BBC performing arts fellow Iona Waite feeds back on the International youth dance masterclass held at Warwick Arts Centre Oct 2011

On the workshop led by ACE dance and music company dancers: The young people seemed really enthusiastic and were really going for it. It was great to see their own interpretation of our current touring production rep from ICE.  They worked in groups to create their own 16 counts of movement based on the phrase they had learned, see footage below:

On the workshop with Mirielle Barlet- Artistic Director of les Ballets Contemporains de Saint Etienne: All the dancers were a little bit nervous at first due to the fact that there was a language barrier to overcome. However this did not affect the class at all or the standard of the work. This class was very different to the others as it was a release/limon technique class which from speaking to the dancers they had not done the Limon technique before. Due to the nature of this the young people were very engaged and approached the technique of the class in a professional manner. The movement sequence at the end was great and it was good to see the French young people interact with the other youth companies.

On the workshop with Jose Agudo- Agudo Dance Company: I must say this was the boy’s favorite class!! Jose is a contemporary dancer but also fuses martial arts disciplines into his work. The grounded elements of the work really had the males in particularly very engaged. This class was very grounded and he focused a lot of getting in and out of the floor which most of the girls found difficult!!! Brilliant phrase and the end real test of being grounded as it was fast paced and high energy!!

On the workshop with Mané- Jamo Jamo Arts: This was an African class and it was brilliant. The energy in the class was brilliant, I think this was enhanced by the fact he had live musicians (drummers) which created a great atmosphere. The movement was challenging as the discipline of the African techniques are very intricate, what was great was the way in which Landing taught the classes and the young people responded very well and stepped-up to the challenge!!!

On the sharing from all of the youth companies: The sharing of work from the young people was brilliant. It was a nice mix of work, there was two duets and three group pieces. The energy was great even though the young people were all exhausted after all those fantastic classes!!

Overall the day was an amazing experience it was great to see so many young people from different walks of life all come together to share the best thing in the world “dance”!!

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Iona Waite is a BBC performing Arts fellow, read all about the BBC performing Arts Fund here:

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