Apprentice Dancer Claire Burrell Signs Off…

Well we’ve officially finished the ICE 2011 tour and it’s been one hell of an experience!

Since our hectic premiere at NSCD in Leeds at the start of October the show has kept on evolving, changing and growing with every performance.  I think the whole company would agree that it feels like a completely different piece to perform compared to where we started and that must be down to the fact that we never stopped exploring things in rehearsals, honing the details and questioning everything that we thought could work better.

You’ll have heard from other blog entries that, as well as rehearsing and performing, the dancers have been running all over the UK teaching ICE workshops and making curtain raiser pieces.  And, although we all love performing, teaching these workshops has proven to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the tour.  Meeting all the different and fantastically enthusiastic groups of people who wanted to come along and take part and then watching them perform has been genuinely uplifting and inspiring for the whole company.

Our last shows at the mac in Birmingham (where we were joined by a lot of family and friends) and then Stamford Arts Centre (where we got to take class in an actual ballroom!) went really well and were a great way to end the tour, even though it ended in some very late-night unloading of the van getting and lost on the way back!

Hope you managed to catch one of the shows, but if you missed your chance (shame on you!) then watch this space…


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