Stunning Dance = Desir film now ready for your viewing pleasure…

Depending on how closely you follow the company, you may be aware that last October half-term, ACE Youth hosted the return leg of an exchange with French youth dance company ‘Les Orteils de Sable’, the youth dance company of Les Ballets Contemporains de Saint Etienne. This grew into a highly successful week of International youth dance activity involving more regional youth dance companies in rehearsals, masterclasses with International artists at Warwick Arts Centre, film showings, a symposium for dance professionals, performances at mac, and importantly, cultural exchange. We invited Birmingham based film maker Mat Beckett to come and document the week and at last… the film is ready! Make sure you take a look using the link here:

The French company plan to host their own symposium in Saint Etienne in April, so watch this space! We aim to work together to create a strong European network of youth dance companies and get excellence in youth dance the recognition it deserves.

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