An Update from our BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow Iona Waite

We thought it was about time our BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow and ACE Youth Group Leader, Iona Waite, gave us an update on what she’s been up to recently, in particular the Changemakers Leadership Residential Saturday, held at Traford Hall Chester from 21st – 23rd April (oh yes, didn’t I mention she was a ‘Changemaker’ now too?!)

So here’s what she made of it…

“The Changemakers Residential was absolutely fantastic!! The residential explored a variation of Leadership seminars, workshops, regional meetings, one to one mentoring  and presentations. Each day was jam packed with activity from 9.00am-9.00pm which ranged from early morning yoga, mind boggling activities and a lot of self reflection. I would definitely recommend any young person that is interested in developing their leadership skills to apply to be a part of this year long programme. I am really looking forward to the next six modules and will most definitely be putting all that I learn into my current leadership role with ACE Youth”. (Iona Waite)

And in case you haven’t heard of them, Changemakers are a charity who help young people unlock their leadership potential, believing that many of our country’s biggest social and economic challenges could be overcome if we effectively harnessed the leadership potential of young people. They plant young people in real situations with real problems to learn, as well as lead, and in the process develop a new generation of leaders.

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