Update: exploratory residency with Jose Agudo at ACE dance and music’s studio

Last week ACE dance and music held an enriching and challenging residency with Spanish contemporary choreographer Jose Agudo and invited dancers.

This residency was also a research and development week for our next professional touring production ‘Mana’ and the whole project was a great success, with some beautiful movement material created. It was very popular and we had dancers from as far afield as Kenya, Spain and France taking part. Many of the dancers were new to ACE dance and music so it was great to get their feedback:

“Thank-you for this gift! Truly was a great time spent. This is a great platform for everyone to get to know each other as dancers/movers, creators, and simply as human beings. It allows for evolution and surprise over the week. It is stress free and very much about having the learning environment inducive to growth and development. Basically it is a great paradigm shift on what an audition is. Thank-you!” (Wanjiru Kamuyu, Dancer)

“Such a beautiful opportunity to get to know you better, how you work, what inspires you. I think you are a very special company and I’m so happy to have come. I hope to be able to come again in the future, I feel I have finally found what I have been searching for…A company interested in challenging dance, what makes us dance and how to produce a deep meaningful work that connects and touches its audience.” (Rhiannon Morgan, Dancer)

2 Responses to “Update: exploratory residency with Jose Agudo at ACE dance and music’s studio”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    The most amazing week of my life! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome and this opportunity to learn so much from.

  2. […] from 17th – 19th September 2012, in preparation for the next touring production Mana (2013-14). Find out more about the last residency here . Share this:StumbleUponDiggRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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