ICE on tour in Amsterdam

The team at ACE dance and music have been busy rehearsing in the studio all week, as this weekend we’ll be taking ICE on tour to the Bijlmer Park Theatre’s Multiple Moves Festival, Amsterdam, for 2 nights. ICE was co-produced in summer 2011 with Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura & digital artist Akihiko Kaneko and toured nationally in Autumn 2011. ICE is about the future and what we may become… technology, preserving life, robotics, cryogenics (freezing the human body).  It asks: what is the value of living forever if we lose what makes us human?

Multiple Moves Festival also supports youth dance and the work of emerging artists and thus, our BBC Performing Arts Dance Fellow Iona Waite has been invited to perform ‘Bottle Of?’, a work choreographed in March by Luke Sheppard, BBC Performing Arts Choreography Fellow at Warwick Arts Centre.

As part of the festival, CEO and Artistic Director Gail Parmel has also been invited to talk at a debate on the development of young dancers, in particular young Black dancers, drawing comparisons between the British and Dutch situations and also the perception of ‘Black dance’ in the UK, which is seemingly much less visible in the Netherlands.

Phew! It’s going to be a busy (and rewarding) weekend!




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