Praise from young people and parents for ACE dance and music’s Commercial and Contemporary Dance Summer School…

“We communicated well through dance and shared a range of styles in the workshop.”

“[What I enjoyed most was] creating my own movements and then teaching it to another dancer. I had the chance to show what I got as a dancer/choreographer.”

“It feels good to learn something difficult.”

“The dancers were all friendly and willing to help each other. Everyone had their own style and it was good to learn from each other.”

“[What I enjoyed most was] the feeling and the bond between everyone.”

“I think it’s been fantastic for them to involve themselves in an intense programme of dance and learn different aspects. They have really loved it! Excellent […] What I saw was great and I will be coming to the performance on the 18th!”

“An African centred contemporary dance company that specialises in youth empowerment and that has a lovely family vibe and the staff are wonderful.”

“Excellent – outstanding 10/10.”

“We have really enjoyed it! Our daughter was very apprehensive, but after the week she has blossomed. Great work – thank-you!”

“It was wonderful. So professional and great to watch.”

“ACE is fantastic. I want to keep coming. The teachers are strict but very friendly and focused. Like family.”

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