Jose Agudo Residency

This week we’ve hosted a dynamic 3 day residency with choreographer Jose Agudo and 10 invited dancers from the U.K. and Europe, looking into potential movement, aesthetics and collaborators for our next 2013-14 production ‘Mana’.

Our new German Apprentice Cindy Foehl also started this week and here she gives her thoughts on the residency:

“I had the possibility to watch the training of some professional dancers and the choreographer Jose Agudo – and I’m fascinated! It’s amazing to see how the people can move their bodies and how they can interpret the music! It’s like if they would live in their own world. They completely interpret the music with their whole body – their legs, arms to the tips of their fingers, with their breath and you can really see all the emotions in their face. You should see it yourself!”

It’s been a really enjoyable and exciting few days and here you can get a sneak peak thanks to young local photographer Idriss Assoumanou…

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