Feedback from the ACE Christmas Show 2012

Hi it is Cindy here, the German trainee…

Last Saturday ACE dance and music had their Christmas Performances, where they brought all their different dance groups together…  An exciting and hard, but also brilliant day for the nearly 100 dancers, who performed two shows. Both shows were fully booked.

For me it was really great to see the process: how their performances developed during the dance classes.. .how the colours of their clothes, the unity given through these costumes and the light on stage influenced the dances…and as well  how everybody was so concentrated and gave all their power as never before…

A special thank-you to mac and the chaperones!

Here’s some feedback from the audience:

“A must see performance”

“Mind blowing”

“Very professional, engaging and captivating performance.”

“Brilliant, lively, energetic with thought provoking moments and tech”

“Kaleidoscope colours, beautiful music and amazing dancing”

“It all fitted together as a community”

“It all was good – there was a serious and fun part to it.”

“A sterling performance. Precision was perfect.”

“Outstanding, awesome everyone is improving. Truly a blessed dance company.”


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