ACE Youth, why do they come back every week? Hear in their words…

“I go ACE to learn new techniques, to improve and progress as a dancer and to perform with an awe inspiring group of dancers. The environment here in ACE is so powerfully driven with their passion for dance and there is an audible thirst for more within the classes, everyone is so kind and fun to dance with and everyone is just as determined to improve as individuals as they are as a group. I absolutely adore the classes, the experiences and the people I have met; I feel challenged with each class and performing with ACE as part of the Youth New Recruits for the first time was an unprecedented experience for me; I hope I can experience many more of these events in the near future! ACE is amazing.” Zoe Larsson 17

“I go to ACE Youth because I want to dance and everyone is so friendly and helpful. ACE Youth is great because they never give up on me and help me to do the best I can. The thing I enjoy most is taking a bow at the end of a performance; it makes me feel happy and proud to be a dancer.” James Campbell 12

“ACE is like my second home, it is the only place where I actually feel comfortable with myself. We’re like a family, although we dance together and perform together, we also are able to confide with each other and open up which I think is amazing. I learn so much at ACE whether it’s the intellectual side or practical. I love coming to ACE and I don’t think I would have it any other way.” Ines Kanyinda 17

I go to ACE dance and music because I really enjoy the style of dance they do, I look forward to going every week and learning new routines. I also go because our teachers believe in us and push us to do our best in everything we do.” Kaylah Edwards 14

“I love coming to ACE because is like a next family that I never had, everyone welcomes you with warm arms, however the reason why I come back every week is because it’s challenging and if it was easy it would be boring and not as exciting or interesting as it is. Dance pushes me, even if I do get the move or I don’t but it’s all about trying hard. Coming to ACE has taught me that you can succeed in anything also along as you push yourself trying.” Tinaya Davis-Walker 16

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