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ACE Graduate Company is a training and development ground for young, talented dancers, who have finished their studies, but may not be in continual dance employment. Graduate members have regular performance showcase opportunities locally, nationally and occasionally internationally. The group is self-run but is trained under the artistic eye of Gail Parmel.

ACE Graduates are always looking for passionate and adaptable  dancers to join the group. Please email for more information.


Untold – back in the picture // ACE graduates are visiting Amsterdam on 7th July to take part in an exchange with Untold then from 29th July Untold will visit the UK working at mac delivering workshops.  ACE and Untold go back a long way and have collaborated previously via exchanges and performances, read more about a previous exchange here.

Performance @ Birmingham Carnival // ACE’s graduate company will take part in an exchange with a percussion group called Eternity.  Based in Amsterdam, many of Eternity’s young group members come from a Surinamese background. They will create a new piece combining live drumming and dance to be performed in Holland and as part of Birmingham Carnival on 4th August.

Flux // ACE Graduates have been working with former ACE Youth member Rudi Cole,to create a new piece of work  ‘Flux’. Rudi has performed and toured internationally with Company Thor’s ‘To The Ones I Love’ (Brussels) and Akram Khan Company’s ‘Vertical Road’. Rudi also had the opportunity to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

Flux  info // ‘the rate of flow of a fluid, radiant energy, or particles across a given area.’ Generated by diverse and complex rhythms; the dancers explore the utility of a feeding in and out of a steady heartbeat style rhythm, overlapping and feeing into one another. Flux has been performed at ADAD open stage (Swindon Dance), Testing Ground (Circomedia) and most recently at MAC Birmingham.


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  1. […] African and Caribbean Dance, Gail a resilient champion of youth dance formed ACE Youth in 1998 and ACE Graduates in 2012.  Award winning ACE Youth is now one of the UK’s most high profile youth company’s. […]

  2. ACE Graduates Audition Dates Announced for Tuesday 30 July from 12 noon!

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