ACE dance and music – the spirit of collaboration

Collaboration is and always has been at the heart of ACE dance and music. ACE’s Artistic Director Gail Parmel has initiated countless partnerships and intercultural experiences. Over the years she has joined forces with world renowned choreographers, such Akiko Kitamura (Japan), Robert Moses (San Francisco), Vincent Mansoe (South Africa), Andile Sotiya (U.K.), Douglas Thorpe (U.K.), Jose Agudo (Spain) and Barwen Tavaziva (Zimbabwe).

Her ventures continue to challenge promoters and audiences to think differently about what they can expect from contemporary dance. This drives much of the exploration that can be seen in ACE’s work, with the unique combination of captivating and energetic contemporary movement with African \ Caribbean dance, rousing music scores and media techniques. Read more about Gail here

For ACE’s next touring production Mana, Gail Parmel will lead a unique international collaboration with two world-acclaimed Artists who will draw from their rich cultural heritage and diverse dance styles to create two exquisite thirty minute pieces… a night of full-on dance to make you think and feel. Read more about Mana here

“We chose to work with Jose Agudo because of his interest in the Buddhist culture, his flamenco background and how is work comes from a real place. He likes to tell stories through his work and his work is earthy, spiritual and he has seamlessly combined contemporary dance with, flamenco and yoga techniques. He also uses original music and creates music with his movement. The dance and musicwork together and are as significant as each other.” Gail Parmel (Artistic Director, ACE dance and music )

As part of a long-standing collaboration Vincent Mantseo worked with ACE dance and music back in 2007 creating the beautiful ‘Letlalo’ as part of the Skin double bill.

“Letlalo has a warm, vibrant resonance to it, full of emotion and expression, and the dancers really look as if it is part of them, not just executing the steps. It is energetic and magical.” The Stage

This collaborative spirit helps ACE achieve their vision, making work that excites, pushes boundaries and is truly diverse, drawing from many backgrounds and cultures – while also celebrating what is shared between two Artists, a joint spark or vision that then moves within the dancers…

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