Latest photos from ACE Graduates’ Exchange with Eternity

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Local photographer Graeme Braidwood is following all our activities this week and has caught some beautiful moments on camera. Here you can get an insight into the first day of ACE Graduates’ exchange with Eternity at mac, a fantastic drumming group from Amsterdam. All this is part of our huge Carnival Is Colour project, which will end with a bang at Birmingham Carnival this Sunday 4th. The project has been featured on West Midlands Dance – you can go directly to the article here to find out more:

One Response to “Latest photos from ACE Graduates’ Exchange with Eternity”

  1. What an amazing week the ACE Graduates and Internity (Amsterdam) have had.
    Both Companies have challenged themselves, reached new heights and created an awesome piece of dance and music that is truly a reflection of Cultural Exchange.
    This will be presented firstly at mac Birmingham (Cannon Hill Park) Tomorrow, Saturday 3rd August at 1pm and taking to Amsterdam in September.
    Don’t miss it.
    Gail Parmel
    Artistic Director
    ACE d&m

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