ACE Youth member Chelsea Gordon talks about watching Mana in rehearsal

“Their movement was even stronger when accompanied by the music, it is so powerful and spiritual. The piece is so gripping and intense. It is Vincent’s ideas and message that the dancers are illustrating to the audience, every move or breath in this piece means something, which is why he is so strict on getting every inch of the piece immaculate.

At the end of practice the dancers sat down to watch a video. It showed people from many different cultures and what they found to be important and things they would believe in and worship. The purpose of the video is to show what has Mana to them. What has left a legacy and has meaning, a past and history. To different people it would mean different things. I thought it was nice to see what had ‘Mana’ to different people all over the world and thought it was good that these dancers that may come from different places can be brought together by something they all believe to have Mana which is dance.”

ACE Youth Member, Chelsea Gordon

Mana in rehearsal

One Response to “ACE Youth member Chelsea Gordon talks about watching Mana in rehearsal”

  1. Paul Hartley Says:

    I saw the show last night in Bournemouth. Amazing performance. Well done guys!

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