British Dance Black Routes – an open space event on 16th January

January 16th @ South Bank, Royal Festival Hall, Level 5. 11am to 5pm, 10.30am registration. Free event but must be pre-booked.

Back in October 2013 ACE dance and music took part in a Black British choreogrpahy roadshow, connecting current practitioners and artists with historically significant companies such as Kokuma.

Now our colleagues at the British Dance and the African Diaspora project invite you to an open space event to share views and opinions about the impact of legacies of Black British dancers on current dance practices. The day is for artists, scholars and those involved in the dance sector to focus on questions generated by the British dance and the African diaspora project.

This event is the culmination of a research process which gathered material during Roadshows held in Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham. During these events memories of Black British dancers who were involved with dance from the 1970s onwards were explored. The project investigates the past legacies and contributions to new vocabularies and current artistic practices.

One of the aims is to acknowledge the significance of the contribution of Black British dance artists to dance history and to today’s dance culture. In the accompanying exhibition ‘British dance Black routes’ at the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, the diversity of dance styles and the rich contribution of the many artists featured in it is highlighted, bringing together a range of thematically organised material on rhythm, community and spirituality. It promises to be a stimulating and informative day. Professor Christy Adair and Professor Ramsay Burt are running this project and event. Booking for the event on 16th January is available from

For more information about the project go to:

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