Mana, touring from March 2014

The spring 2014 tour of Mana is kicking off at Solihull Arts Complex on 4th March



Click here to download the tour flyer and read it on ISSU

And now for some AMAZING audience feedback

“Magical, mystical, hypnotic and moving…overall great. Really enjoyed the music and the incredible lighting.”

“Very creative, a harmony of movement. Dramatic, dynamic and soul searching. The emotions were drawn out in the dance.”

“Energetic, rhythmic…It was expertly executed…Beautiful monk like costumes. The combination of rhythm, sound and rapid dance gave a tribal feel to the pieces. A very memorable and beautiful performance.”

“Strong, powerful, physically challenging, thought provoking, spiritualistic, passionately rhythmic….The energy and passion inspired me.”

“It was a blast of pure energy…Beautiful choreography…The lighting, the dancers, the feel, the energy…very brilliant. Both parts of the performance were wonderful, each had its own memorable moments.”

“Amazing, stunning and spectacular, particularly the earthy effects and the emotions the dancers exerted.”

“A great combination of movement, music and lighting. The best night of dance I have seen. A very talented group of dancers.”

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