The new face of ACE

Since our last update in December we are starting to see what our new spaces will look and feel like…. and the words to describe them are… spacious… voluminous….commodious!


After days and weeks of the sound of hammering, cutting tools, brick dust, and ‘builders radio’ – we can finally see how large our new studio is, and with the high ceilings we have, we feel like we’re creating an ultimate space for dance and music!


Since January we’ve seen acoustic insulation go into the walls (we are going to be a great space for live drumming); a new reception area has taken shape from our old team office, our new changing rooms, toilets and shower areas have emerged from what was previously the Directors office and most exhilarating of all we saw the brand new sprung dance floor going down a week ago . It’s well protected for now, but looks and feels fabulous.  

Over the next few weeks we will see the finishing touches; painting and decorating, tiling, a new front door and a lighting rig for the studio/theatre space.  

Check out the most recent photographs of our work in progress and keep an eye on the website, Facebook and Twitter for information about when the building will be open to the public and our series of launch events in April.  We are really looking forward to introducing you to the new face of ACE!

Gail Parmel

Gail Parmel, Artistic Director, ACE dance and music


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