Apprentice Tiffany Bell steps up to the challenge! Here’s what she has to say…

Tiffany is studying at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, she joined ACE for the ‘Mana’ tour, find out more:Tiffany bell

“Being an Apprentice dancer could be a challenging step in the journey to become a professional, this is what I was told before-hand. But I feel any step from degree level where you have been nurtured for three years would have been. It just becomes a case of throwing yourself into the challenge and apprentice or not I have tried to hold onto this mentality. Being an Apprentice for ACE I felt very lucky and from the start as was welcomed into the group. This set the foundations down and made for a comfortable environment to explore myself, my abilities, to push and work to my full potential. The rehearsal process opened my eyes to the reality of a professional company.

Working closely to Vincent Manstoe and Jose Agudo; seeing what they expected from the dancers was on a different level to what I had previously been used to. Time for the hard work to begin. I tried to watch the dancers in the company and learn from them especially in the early weeks, absorbing as much as I could. But really it was up to me to make the change, mentally and physically to continue to question and to find excitement in new possibilities. The dancers have always been there and willing to help. I feel generally the group has been amazing and has played a huge part in making the first half of this Apprenticeship such an enjoyable one. The tour itself was fully enjoyable, to get out there, performing in a variety of spaces was again a great experience. Up until this point the majority of performances I had taken part in were at the Riley Theatre (NSCD’s in house theatre). So it taught me how to adapt the movement and to use each space to the full with each performance. Performing is why we work the hours we do and it reconfirmed the love I have for dance and heightened my passion to pursue it as a career.

Since the first part of the tour I have maintained my training back at NSCD and I am now just excited to get back in the studio (the beautiful new one) to delve deeper into the material and find new layers within myself. To use the rest of time I have here as an Apprentice to the maximum. I want to know I did all that I could have to improve, preparing myself to take that next step.”

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