ACE Youth new dance piece with Douglas Thorpe

ACE Youth have been working with Douglas Thorpe throughout February Half Term 2014.  They have been having loads of fun creating a brand new dance piece.  Here’s what two ACE Youth members have to say about their experience:

“Overall this week has been a refreshing experience, indulging in a particular rare style of dance that I myself have always wanted to try. Having only witnessed a production by “Douglas Thorpe” which was pure genius, I was highly intrigued to take an insight into the creation process and his methods that lead to excellence. Each morning we would begin with a class and then start to learn some material, when Dougie would give us a piece of movement, he would spend time making sure that we understood the exact quality and concept of the movement, he described his movement as being very internal, moves that were generated from inside the body as supposed to external movement, alignment and placement. Initially we were told that the piece was surrounding the idea of “velocity”, however as the week went on Dougie wanted us to find our own intentions for the piece so that we could relate to the movement on a higher scale. On a whole this week has been an amazing success working with such a professional choreographer, and I can only hope to work with him again in the future.”Tyler Blair-Thompson 14

“This week has been a very enjoyable and interesting! Working with Dougie has opened me up to a very new gripping style of moving. I really enjoyed the work we did with Dougie as it was very different to what ACE youth are used to doing, giving us that extra knowledge and experience.

I feel as though I learned some key points from Dougie, the most simple and memorable one being to finish the movement after an exercise, and doing it as if you were performing on stage.

The movement was hard but it got our body use to Dougies style of dancing, which contains a lot of emotion and feeling so this week we all tried to think about the emotion and meaning behind the dance in rehearsals, and interpreting it in our own way.” Kianne Shervington-White 16

And some piccies too!


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