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Rita Braineryte talks about her work placement with ACE

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“This year for my work placement experience I was offered a place at ACE dance and music. It was a great opportunity for me to gain new experience in the dance industry and gain new skills. I had a chance to meet everyone who is involved with this successful company and also join the classes with ACE professional dancers. My placement was very interesting as I was not only absorbing the lessons but I could also dance and see how professional dancers and choreographers are using different methods to teach the class. I had a great time and if in the future I will have a chance to go take part in classes at ACE I definitely will.”

The NEW dance space March 2014 update!

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The lighting rig is now in! Next week partition doors will be fitted creating two studio spaces…


Meet our February work placement Tyler Blair Thompson

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Tyler is fourteen and was on placement with ACE from Mon 24th – Fri 28th Feb 2014.  In this blog he chats about his experiences and what he has taken away with him…

“This week working with ACE dance and music has been a great experience stepping into the world of professionalism. What better time to start my work placement than a week before the company is due to embark on their tour with their latest production “Mana (the power within)”.

Throughout the whole week I have gained a wider understanding of how rehearsals and classes are run with the professionals, each day we would begin with a class of some sort for example; Monday was a class taught by Iona, Tuesday was a ballet class taught by a member of the “Birmingham Royal Ballet”, Wednesday was a class taught by Jose Agudo the choreographer of “A Thousand Shepherds”, Thursday was a yoga class and last but not least Friday was a fitness training class.

All of these classes I have found exceptionally challenging however I feel that they have helped me in so many different ways. Also I have gained the opportunity to view the Mana rehearsals in action on a daily basis and that on its own has been extremely helpful to me, just to see the amount of effort and hard work that goes into every single detail from a flick of a wrist to the height of a jump and that’s what sets ACE dance and music aside from any other dance company/ platform in modern day, and this also sums up the reason for me wanting a work placement here.”

Welcome new ACE dancer Tom Tindall

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DSC_0156“After three weeks of rehearsals learning the two pieces with plenty of hard work in the studio. I’m ready to start the second part of the ‘Mana’ tour with the company. First stop Wolverhampton Arena. Excitement and nerves aside lets push it to the next level!”

Dancer Yukiko Masui says hi!

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“Today is the last day of rehearsal before getting back on the road = Mana tour 2014!!  We are opening the Spring tour tomorrow in Wolverhampton Arena. This morning, I went to pick my mother and her friend up at Birmingham Airport. They flew from Japan all the way here and are very excited to see the Mana show. In the show, there are some quite Japanese/Asian cultural references in the piece “A thousands shepherds” and the spiritual aspect of the piece “Mana”. It would be very interesting to see how they perceive the two pieces from their perspectives and cultural backgrounds. All in all, I’m so happy to see my mother in Birmingham and show her what we are up to!!! I hope to see many familiar faces tomorrow in the theatre 🙂 “