Meet our February work placement Tyler Blair Thompson

Tyler is fourteen and was on placement with ACE from Mon 24th – Fri 28th Feb 2014.  In this blog he chats about his experiences and what he has taken away with him…

“This week working with ACE dance and music has been a great experience stepping into the world of professionalism. What better time to start my work placement than a week before the company is due to embark on their tour with their latest production “Mana (the power within)”.

Throughout the whole week I have gained a wider understanding of how rehearsals and classes are run with the professionals, each day we would begin with a class of some sort for example; Monday was a class taught by Iona, Tuesday was a ballet class taught by a member of the “Birmingham Royal Ballet”, Wednesday was a class taught by Jose Agudo the choreographer of “A Thousand Shepherds”, Thursday was a yoga class and last but not least Friday was a fitness training class.

All of these classes I have found exceptionally challenging however I feel that they have helped me in so many different ways. Also I have gained the opportunity to view the Mana rehearsals in action on a daily basis and that on its own has been extremely helpful to me, just to see the amount of effort and hard work that goes into every single detail from a flick of a wrist to the height of a jump and that’s what sets ACE dance and music aside from any other dance company/ platform in modern day, and this also sums up the reason for me wanting a work placement here.”

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