Bria talks about ACE dance and music

Hi! This is the ACE dance and music Blog, in this blog you will find out about all the amazing activities that are behind the scenes. My name is Bria, I am part of ACE Youth and I have been here for about four years and I have worked my way up through the different class groups. There are five different classes depending on your age and at the moment I am in ACE Youth New Recruits. This dance group leads up to the ACE Youth Company.

Recently, we achieved our Arts Award which was a great achievement. This is a qualification that involves taking part in an arts activity, going to an arts event, researching our arts inspiration and sharing our skills with others. The Arts Award I passed was bronze and the ACE Youth Company passed the silver Arts Award. This silver Arts Award looked much harder but I am willing to give it a try eventually!

Other than passing our Arts Award, we have recently begun ballet classes and we are learning a new piece of dance called ‘Loss of Innocence’.  ACE were fortunate enough to have some ballet bars donated to them by Birmingham Royal Ballet which has allowed us to start the ballet classes. I believe this is a good style to be taught as we can really improve our technique and become more versatile in our dance styles.

‘Loss of Innocence’, our new dance piece, is about children that are forced to go to war. We have to think about children in this horrific position and try to portray this challenging, tough role throughout the performance. It has been a very good success so far during the dance sessions, but we still have more to give and hopefully we will shine in our performance coming up soon. Thank you for reading ACE Dance and Music blog!


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