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The new face of ACE

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Since our last update in December we are starting to see what our new spaces will look and feel like…. and the words to describe them are… spacious… voluminous….commodious!


After days and weeks of the sound of hammering, cutting tools, brick dust, and ‘builders radio’ – we can finally see how large our new studio is, and with the high ceilings we have, we feel like we’re creating an ultimate space for dance and music!


Since January we’ve seen acoustic insulation go into the walls (we are going to be a great space for live drumming); a new reception area has taken shape from our old team office, our new changing rooms, toilets and shower areas have emerged from what was previously the Directors office and most exhilarating of all we saw the brand new sprung dance floor going down a week ago . It’s well protected for now, but looks and feels fabulous.  

Over the next few weeks we will see the finishing touches; painting and decorating, tiling, a new front door and a lighting rig for the studio/theatre space.  

Check out the most recent photographs of our work in progress and keep an eye on the website, Facebook and Twitter for information about when the building will be open to the public and our series of launch events in April.  We are really looking forward to introducing you to the new face of ACE!

Gail Parmel

Gail Parmel, Artistic Director, ACE dance and music


Classes at the NEW dance SPACE this spring

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Classes at the NEW dance SPACE this Spring

Find out more about our classes for professional dancers, students and dance enthusiasts… then call 0121 3145830 to book or email

Everyone needs to watch this video! ACE dance and music, Mana

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This trailer has been filmed and edited by Article 19.
Mana is touring again from March to May 2014…

Mana, touring from March 2014

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The spring 2014 tour of Mana is kicking off at Solihull Arts Complex on 4th March



Click here to download the tour flyer and read it on ISSU

And now for some AMAZING audience feedback

“Magical, mystical, hypnotic and moving…overall great. Really enjoyed the music and the incredible lighting.”

“Very creative, a harmony of movement. Dramatic, dynamic and soul searching. The emotions were drawn out in the dance.”

“Energetic, rhythmic…It was expertly executed…Beautiful monk like costumes. The combination of rhythm, sound and rapid dance gave a tribal feel to the pieces. A very memorable and beautiful performance.”

“Strong, powerful, physically challenging, thought provoking, spiritualistic, passionately rhythmic….The energy and passion inspired me.”

“It was a blast of pure energy…Beautiful choreography…The lighting, the dancers, the feel, the energy…very brilliant. Both parts of the performance were wonderful, each had its own memorable moments.”

“Amazing, stunning and spectacular, particularly the earthy effects and the emotions the dancers exerted.”

“A great combination of movement, music and lighting. The best night of dance I have seen. A very talented group of dancers.”

ACE Youth member Chelsea Gordon talks about watching Mana in rehearsal

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“Their movement was even stronger when accompanied by the music, it is so powerful and spiritual. The piece is so gripping and intense. It is Vincent’s ideas and message that the dancers are illustrating to the audience, every move or breath in this piece means something, which is why he is so strict on getting every inch of the piece immaculate.

At the end of practice the dancers sat down to watch a video. It showed people from many different cultures and what they found to be important and things they would believe in and worship. The purpose of the video is to show what has Mana to them. What has left a legacy and has meaning, a past and history. To different people it would mean different things. I thought it was nice to see what had ‘Mana’ to different people all over the world and thought it was good that these dancers that may come from different places can be brought together by something they all believe to have Mana which is dance.”

ACE Youth Member, Chelsea Gordon

Mana in rehearsal

Mana tour flyer autumn 2013

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touring autumn 2013

touring autumn 2013

touring autumn 2013

touring autumn 2013

Carnival is Colour

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ace_colour_is_carnival_a6_1__largeOn 3rd and 4th August there will be lots of opportunities to see the ACE dance and music community perform.

On Saturday 3rd August ACE Graduates and Eternity will lead an afternoon of performances, including their new collaborative piece, and open workshops for the general public in Caribbean dance and drumming forms, in outdoor spaces at mac.

On Sunday 4th August ACE dance and music will be taking several hundred dancers and drummers, including their acclaimed youth dance company ACE Youth, to take part in Birmingham Carnival. Everyone will be dancing to fresh carnival tunes straight from Trinidad plus live drumming from Eternity. Click here for a flavour of Eternity’s latest dynamic drumming routines.



Gail Parmel says: “I’m really excited about ACE dance and music taking part in the Birmingham Carnival for the first time. We are bringing the whole community together and everyone has been rehearsing hard. It’s going to be a bit overwhelming to see 100 people from ACE dance and music together all in carnival costume dancing in unison. We’re ready for the road!”

ACE dance and music are also hosting some international visitors as part of this intergenerational project: on Monday 29th July they will be welcoming Eternity  who are a fabulous marching band from the Netherlands and who are coming to work with the ACE Graduate Company on a Youth In Action exchange. They will create a new collaborative piece of site-specific, outdoor dance and drumming, choreographed by TJ Lowe, who is also a dancer with Akram Khan company in London.

Please contact Charlotte further information on 01213145830 /

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