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Dance for everyone at the NEW Dance SPACE

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IMG_1024Intermediate Contemporary Class //Tuesday evenings from 11 Feb // 6.30 – 8pm  A weekly dance class for students & dance enthusiasts. Company members from the ‘Mana’ tour will teach, with guest choreographers invited periodically. Attenders will expand on their dance knowledge & vocabulary, explore contemporary styles, push themselves & gain an insight to the professional world of dance.

DSC_7314ACE youth New Recruits 12-18yrs // Thursdays // 6pm-7.30pm Dance training & technique in a variety of styles for young people. ACE youth new recruits is a feeder into ACE youth Performing Company.

ACE youth Performing Company // Thursdays // 7.30pm-9pm
ACE youth Performing Company tour both nationally & internationally & have developed a growing reputation for exciting, physical, challenging work.
ACE Youth are the youth dance company of ACE dance and music. ACE youth classes are a mixture of different styles such as contemporary, ballet, African & street style dance. We aim to encourage and inspire young people to have freedom of expression through dance.

“I always look forward to Thursdays because of ACE. I love training with highly energetic dancers & very approachable teachers. We are a big family driven by the same passion – dance. Our desire to perform connects us & motivates everyone to reach our full potential. The high standard of training will help me pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer while the discipline I acquire will keep me grounded and humble throughout my dance career.” (Grace Camba 17 years)

AAO_7162 (2)ACE dance and music offer Creative Dance classes for 2 -11 year olds on Saturday mornings. Our teachers draw on your child’s natural abilities, encouraging potential, nurturing inventiveness & building physical confidence as movement vocabulary develops.

Parents and Tots // 2-4yrs // Saturdays // 10am-10.45am _DSC9196Playful & practical sessions to encourage young children to express themselves with the support of their parent/carer. Through movement play, music & games, toddlers & carers have the opportunity to have fun working together to explore their physicality and develop confidence.

Funky Fusion // 5-8yrs // Saturdays // 11am-12pm
A fun session where children begin to build physical co-ordination & confidence in creative classes which offer them the opportunity to create their own imaginative movement sequences and dance phrases.

Fused // 9-11yrs // Saturdays // 12pm-1.15pm
Children are introduced to the principles & foundations of contemporary dance technique. They will have the opportunity to work creatively together, devise movement work of their own & develop performance skills.

Open company class // Monday 10 – Friday 28 Feb // Daily, Mon–Fri // 10-11.30am  Come along to ACE company class, running throughout the rehearsals for our production ‘Mana’. Classes are led by ACE Artistic Director Gail Parmel, plus guest teachers, offering yoga, ballet & circuit training. A minimum of 3 years dance training is recommended.

All Classes are £5. For more details & to book a place please email or call the ACE office on 0121 3145830.

Feedback from workshops and performance at mac

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“I’m just writing to send my thanks to the mac and to ACE dance for the ICE workshop and show that we at Kidderminster college enjoyed yesterday. The workshop was hugely enjoyable, it was well paced and set at an appropriate level for the dancers. Everyone felt challenged but also that they learned something that they can take with them. It was also made the show more enjoyable, having seen part of the rep before. The teachers were enthusiastic and approachable and the students took to them easily.

The show was, as expected, beautifully danced and choreographed. For many of the students, this would have been their first experience of ACE, and also the mac, and I head many positive comments afterwards. One said it was the best show she’d ever seen.”  Kidderminster College

BBC performing arts fellow Iona Waite feeds back on the International youth dance masterclass held at Warwick Arts Centre Oct 2011

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On the workshop led by ACE dance and music company dancers: The young people seemed really enthusiastic and were really going for it. It was great to see their own interpretation of our current touring production rep from ICE.  They worked in groups to create their own 16 counts of movement based on the phrase they had learned, see footage below:

On the workshop with Mirielle Barlet- Artistic Director of les Ballets Contemporains de Saint Etienne: All the dancers were a little bit nervous at first due to the fact that there was a language barrier to overcome. However this did not affect the class at all or the standard of the work. This class was very different to the others as it was a release/limon technique class which from speaking to the dancers they had not done the Limon technique before. Due to the nature of this the young people were very engaged and approached the technique of the class in a professional manner. The movement sequence at the end was great and it was good to see the French young people interact with the other youth companies.

On the workshop with Jose Agudo- Agudo Dance Company: I must say this was the boy’s favorite class!! Jose is a contemporary dancer but also fuses martial arts disciplines into his work. The grounded elements of the work really had the males in particularly very engaged. This class was very grounded and he focused a lot of getting in and out of the floor which most of the girls found difficult!!! Brilliant phrase and the end real test of being grounded as it was fast paced and high energy!!

On the workshop with Mané- Jamo Jamo Arts: This was an African class and it was brilliant. The energy in the class was brilliant, I think this was enhanced by the fact he had live musicians (drummers) which created a great atmosphere. The movement was challenging as the discipline of the African techniques are very intricate, what was great was the way in which Landing taught the classes and the young people responded very well and stepped-up to the challenge!!!

On the sharing from all of the youth companies: The sharing of work from the young people was brilliant. It was a nice mix of work, there was two duets and three group pieces. The energy was great even though the young people were all exhausted after all those fantastic classes!!

Overall the day was an amazing experience it was great to see so many young people from different walks of life all come together to share the best thing in the world “dance”!!

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Iona Waite is a BBC performing Arts fellow, read all about the BBC performing Arts Fund here:

Exciting shots from our Youth Dance showcase at mac

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Summary from ‘Promoting Youth Dance in an International Context’ event

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Promoting Youth Dance in an International Context. What we have in common – A summary from event on Saturday 29th Oct 2011

We have a shared passion for youth dance, a belief that it matters both for what it means to young people and the future of the art form of dance.  We want young people to have the best possible experience of dance, and for one of them to become Prime Minister!

We share a belief that dance is, and has to be, fun for young people.  We know that the human relationships that grow and the social aspects of being involved in youth dance are vital.  They matter to young people developing as citizens and seeing the world differently.

We are agreed that involvement in youth dance consists of many activities and has many purposes; it involves different styles of dance and different roles for young people – at different times any one of them may be a dancer, dance maker, organiser, mentor, teacher, leader, audience, critic.

We value the different kinds of models and frameworks that exist.  Professional dance companies may set up youth groups, programmers may promote the work of youth dance groups, professional choreographers may create new work with youth dance groups, groups may emerge from schools, community arts activities, and through young people setting up their own group.

We work to ensure there are progression routes for young people.  This may include to higher education, a career in dance, a life-long enthusiasm for dance.  Youth groups may perform locally, and we want them to have opportunities to perform with their peers regionally, nationally and internationally.

In the current economic climate, we all need low cost dance projects.  England has done a lot on 58 pence per school-aged child over the last three years, but even that amount cannot be relied on in the future.  We all have experience of dance being less visible than other art forms, and not being recognised by those who hold the purse-strings.  We need politicians to recognise dance and appreciate what it means in the lives of young people.

Dance is nearly famous.  Young people know dance is great, even if policy-makers have not yet caught up with the fact.  Young people challenge assumptions, they are risk-takers and revolutionaries.  However difficult the current period of austerity seems, it is young people who will safe guard the future of dance – as future artists, audiences, and policy makers.

ACE dancer John Ross moving and shaking in Kendal

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This week, myself and Jerome took a trip up to the Lake District to stay in the town of Kendal. All week we have been delivering workshops to all ages from the ages of 7 all the way up to 60!

The experiences that participants had – were people who have never danced before in their lives to people who attend regular dance classes.

Being in the Lake District was a nice relaxing change from busy overcrowded cities to what me and Jerome are used to, to an almost ghost like town. Being from Scotland it was really nice to have that peaceful and WET little town, that made me miss home. Even though it’s quiet, the people we have met have all been extremely friendly and really helpful and made us feel real welcome. Even though at certain parts of the day there is no-one in sight! Even in the City Centre! The first night we got here was Halloween and walking down the empty street with lots of alley ways…. at 10pm it did feel like some sort of horror movie!

The education work has been a breath of fresh air! Coming in to teach kids what we have learnt in the past couple of months and from our training made these kids believe in themselves that if they wanted to do this as a career it can be an option. In some of our workshops the quiet kids at the beginning really came out of their shells and by the end of the class were coming to the front of the lines and doing the sequences without our assistance. I feel delivering the workshops with another guy (Jerome) really made the kids want to prove themselves, in some of the classes when we showed the kids – they all wanted praise always asking ‘is it like this, this?’ It was nice that they were so keen to get it right and show off.

It really made me think about what I am doing as a dancer. Even though I am doing it for myself, because it’s something I love, inspiring someone younger than me who is thinking maybe they want to do this also makes it even more worthwhile.  Jerome and I made a real good connection with the kids and I would love to come back and teach them again!

There was one real challenge for us, we didn’t know that we would be teaching 30-50yr olds for a class! some had bad knee’s or couldn’t do certain things, so being put on the spot we had to come up with alternatives for every sequence, when seeing them move we had to think straight away, ok, what is good for these people! It was a brilliant night, really enjoyable, and very nice to work with mature women and men.

There was one group of kids that we taught and at the beginning we had 4 participants. By the middle we had one (with about 10 new arrivals who decided to watch and shout and talk) … but we persevered and carried on what we set out to do and by the end we had about 8 of them dancing fully. This group for me reminded me of my childhood, that I didn’t really have anything like this and was just hanging out outside shops etc. So seeing them and having chance to work with them, I could totally relate. This was the biggest challenge for myself, but I feel it had the best success.

It certainly made me want to continue what I am doing and try my best to inspire anyone who I happen to teach or if they see me perform.

I just want to thank those kids and everyone else who took part in this week. It’s been great! Oh and also – remind everyone to come and watch us perform ICE at The Brewery Art Centre tomorrow (Fri 4th Nov).

ACE dance and music in Cumbria

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In the last few weeks our dancers have been having a brilliant time working with over 200 people across Cumbria, delivering taster dance workshops,  teaching  the Brewery Youth Dance group ‘Boyz Moves’ which consists of three classes for boys aged 7-15yrs and an adult class. As the sessions were led by the two male  company dancers, this had a huge impact on the boys.  The group were keen to learn new techniques and gain feedback from the company members.


On Sunday 30th Oct 2011 – 10 dancers aged 11-30 yrs worked together for 6 hours to create an exciting new piece of dance to be shown as a ‘Curtain Raiser’ performance, to be performed in the main theatre as part of the ‘ICE’ performance.  This is a valuable opportunity for dancers to experience a different style and way of working. The performance was well received and the dancers really enjoyed this challenging opportunity.

These dance workshops were financially supported by CSC and The Westmorland Arts Trust. Many thanks for your support.

 “CSC are proud sponsors of ACE dance and music in Cumbria. As one of Cumbria’s largest private sector employers we are delighted to support the local community.”  CSC

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