Afrobeats – a great success!

The Afrobeats project has been a fantastic experience. We worked with 15 seniors from the Annie Woods friends group working with traditional African and Caribbean dance, drumming and singing. We used a traditional dance entitled ‘Quadrille’ as our basis to formulate our sharing using partner work, group dances and also solos. The highlight of the project was learning new information about our heritage and how it is relevant to today, this will be useful for further practice with our young people here at ACE. The end sharing at Newtown Community Centre on 7th May was ‘AMAZING’ the seniors were full of life they worked well as team. It was great to see the seniors’ family and friends come out and support them. The seniors were really proud of what they had achieved in such a small amount of time and are very keen to continue a relationship with ACE dance and music.

‘Ace has put some life back into the Annie Woods group and it’s been great having young people working with us’ Christine Wilkes

This project was supported by Birmingham City Council.

Afrobeats project group

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